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Lascal special edition BuggyBoards

Lascal, the guys behind the handy ride on BuggyBoard, have dropped two brand new designs and we absolutely adore them!

If the concept of the BuggyBoard has passed you by, then it really needs to be one on your radar if you’re a parent of two (or more!) youngsters.  For kids from two years, the BuggyBoard is a clip on board that universally affixes to most pushchairs to provide a safe and secure place for your youngster to stand.  This removes the need for a short-term purchase of a double stroller, reduces storage space and provides lots of flex as we all know just how much a tantrum-prone toddler loves to change things up!

The special edition 2021 Woodland and Jungle animal designs are a welcome addition to the BuggyBoard range that has previously had a heavy black focus.  The cutesy designs feature an array of whimsical woodland and jungle characters in full burst of colour for a fun take on the design that can bring their imagination to life.

MINI BuggyBoard Woodland/Jungle is priced £49.99 from