Nuna LEAF Grow

Billing itself as a rocker more so than a chair, the Nuna LEAF Grow rocker will add an element of elegance to any room. In a neutral shade of warm biscotti, the soft jersey chair has been through a few reinventions over the past couple of years culminating in this latest version that is most definitely our favourite.

Now with an integrated head support and organic cotton cocoon element, it provides improved support and snug-ness for younger children, great as it’s a chair that can be safely used from birth.

The chair features three separate modes for use, each with a suitable recline position to choose between upright interaction with the surrounding environment, relaxed play and of course, those essential naps.

Angled just perfectly for both naps and play, with a gentle push the LEAF Grow effortlessly glides from side to side like a leaf in the wind to provide a soft rocking motion.  Eliminating batteries, cords or any type of noise, it’s a calming chair that compliments it’s sleek, simple style.  If you’re after an all-singing and dancing chair, this probably isn’t for you.  But for more of a calmer take on soothing, this is perfect.  A small push will replicate over 2 minutes of arm rocking.

The Nuna LEAF Grow includes a carry case for easy transportation, and we are pleased to see the addition of a toy bar and canopy allowing you to flex up its use, a nice feature for baby’s development.

Super easy to clean; all the materials are machine washable.  Simply pop them off and they can be washed safely on a low temperature to keep the chair looking it’s best longer.

The Nuna LEAF Grow is priced £225 and is available in a warm taupe Biscotti and deep grey Granite.  For more information on the Nuna LEAF Grow, visit