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Ickle Bubba Globe Prime Stroller

Fed up of fighting to squeeze everything into the car for that road trip?! Travel with a baby, even a staycation, can end up being a battle with space. One of the largest items is inevitably the stroller – bulky, heavy and with several attachments, it’s enough to fill that much-needed space within the boot of your car alone!

However, a pushchair is a lifeline that you cannot travel without, which is where a decent travel stroller can be the saving grace!  One great option is Ickle Bubba’s Globe travel-friendly stroller. It has been carefully designed with families on the move in mind.


The standout feature of the stroller is its size.  It’s light, weighing in at 6.4kg, midrange amongst its competitors; and ultimately, going from any travel system this is a dream to lift and hold.  The aluminium frame, while light, is robust and can effectively take the weight of a child from newborn up to 15kgs (approx. 3 years.)

The stroller folds to a very condensed 45 x 55 x 25cm so it is perfect for using on public transport or fitting into small vehicles.  When folded it stands independently, again making it ideal for storing in small spaces.  

It’s worth noting that the fold is small enough that if you are travelling by plane, you can push it right up to your seat, an invaluable feature for when you arrive at your destination having to endure lengthy arrival checks and queues. 

The frame features a carry strap with leather shoulder pad, which makes slinging it over your arm akin to toting an overnight bag.


In terms of the manoeuvrability, it pushes effortlessly and takes on tight spaces with ease.  The front and rear shock-absorbing suspension provides a smoother ride than some other travel strollers we’ve previously tested, to ensure a comfortable ride on moderate terrains.


There’s some nice extras included in the Globe that are incredibly practical and more so when away from home without all your usual bits to hand.

The narrow width and wheel swivel makes it ideal for navigating round city streets, while the three recline options are a big welcome to accommodate comfy naps while on the move.


The Globe simplifies the process of travelling with a baby, exactly what you want when there’s already enough to remember when leaving home.  Featuring all the conveniences of an everyday stroller, there’s lots of handy features, such as the one-handed recline and ample storage basket which feel like an added bonus for such a small setup.


There’s sometimes a compromise when it comes to style with travel strollers.  They don’t feature all of the flair on a smaller frame, yet the Globe has broken away from the traditional appearance and adopted more sass with the exaggerated curved lines for some chic.  You will also find some pretty bold colourways making it quite the statement piece amongst a sea of black – check out some of the rose gold accents!

An essential feature, especially with the unpredictable British weather, is the canopy.  Providing UPF50 protection, it extends out far to provide good coverage in all weathers with a peekaboo window for added visibility.

The Ickle Bubba Globe Prime is a great stroller that doesn’t compromise on the luxury features found in high-end travel systems so, if you’re after a little flair with all the good stuff in a super-compact package, then this is the travel stroller for you!

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