Big Kids

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

Stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas?  Check out Oxford Rye Organic Vodka, the debut vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka can be sourced back to two magnificent, Steampunk-esque, stills called ‘Nautilus’ and ‘Nemo’.  The finish is a versatile vodka.  Warm and smooth, the rich spirit is filtered, unusually, through coconut shell charcoal that imparts a faint touch of spice and caramel flavours. 

It’s one of a range of spirits produced by the firm, which is one of Britain’s very few ‘grain-to-glass’ distilleries (those who grow and distil their own grain, as opposed to buying in neutral spirit). The distillery is now the only one in Britain to use ancient heritage grains that had commonly been used until the late 19th century. 

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka is best enjoyed as a sipping vodka, either at room temperature or chilled. Alternatively, when combined with a Sicilian bitter tonic and ice, it makes for an exceptionally refreshing long drink. 

Presented in a stylish, wax-dipped bottle, this makes a beautiful gift this Father’s Day.  

Priced £34.95 RPP/70cl from Master of Malt, 31 Dover, The Whisky Exchange or check out to view their full range of spirits.