BabyBjörn Harmony

Swedish company BabyBjörn have launched a brand new next generation baby carrier. The arrival of the new Harmony is a blend of parents’ feedback, expert input and innovation that results in a signature piece.

This year BabyBjörn is celebrating its 60th anniversary meaning that the brand has six whole decades of experience and feedback to draw upon.

The Harmony is billed as a soft structure and ergonomic carrier; however to us it feels more like an amalgamation of BabyBjörn’s best bits to date. 

The soft mesh material is one of the standout features. The purposeful fabric is super soft and luxuruious to touch but incredibly breathable, making it perfect for the summer season ahead. It features ventilation throughout and effectively controls the flow of air between parent and baby. The 3D mesh fabric is also fast-drying for when you need a quick turnaround after washing!

Despite it’s soft nature, it’s robust and hard wearing taking a decent weight and instilling confidence in the carrier.

There’s two height settings with the Harmony – one for newbors and one for older babies allowing front and back carrying options. Front/parent facing carrying is recommended for smaller babies and as they become stronger, more cuirous and want to take in the world around them, front/outward facing and finally back carrying can mix things up a little.

The carrier provides maximum support for your growing baby. Newborns are cuddled up close to mianintain the parent/baby bond supported with an adjustable head rest for additional head and neck support. A deep, wide seat supports the natural posture and promotes a hip-healthy ‘M’ formation with lots of room for growth.

When it comes to comfort, BabyBjörn has finessed the touch points in order to make all of their carriers as comfortable as possible for baby and parent.  On this setup, the weight is evenly distributed onto the parent thanks to the ergonomic and pressure-relieving waist belt, chunky lumbar support for back relief, and we love the wide padded shoulder straps.  All of these factors combined spread the load correctly drawing upon the strongest parts of body to ensure ease and wellbeing during short and long periods of babywearing. 

The BabyBjörn Harmony can be used from birth and up to approximately the age of three. No insert is needed; simply adjust the settings to the growing baby. The head support is flexible and holds the baby’s head in a good position from birth and all the way to the toddler years.

Overrall this is a great new carrier added to the Babybjorn collection and one we expect to see evolve over the next 60 years!

The BabyBjörn Harmony is available in silver, anthracite and navy blue priced £190 from