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Duplo launches in the UK

A brand new chocolate treat for little ones is hitting the shops.  Duplo is a new scrumptious milk chocolate bar from chocolatiers Ferrero.

Duplo features two delicate layers of crispy wafer, sandwiched between a smooth hazelnut centre and coated in delectable milk chocolate. 

At 100 kcals each and individually wrapped, Duplo is a delicious on-the-go treat for any time of the day. The new bars are the perfect opportunity for chocolate lovers to treat themselves and their loved ones to the delicious taste of Duplo. 

James Stewart, Marketing Director for Nutella, Ferrero UK & Ireland, said: “Duplo bars first launched in Germany and have since flown off the shelves, so we’re delighted to be bringing this much-loved bar to the UK and Ireland. Offering a delicious taste of milk chocolate, coupled with a unique, creamy and crispy centre, we’re confident that chocolate fans will discover the delight in every bite with Duplo. We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.”