Nuna DEMI Grow

Originally launched in 2017, the Nuna DEMI Grow pushchair is back with an upgrade this year making it an even stronger offering for parents looking for longevity and quality.  

The DEMI Grow is one of Nuna’s best-selling products and you can sense why it’s the go-to for parents looking to carefully invest.  The single to double pushchair is an all-singing and dancing setup that is travel system compatible and has the option to upgrade with a second seat for twins or parents family planning for the years ahead. 

Nuna has cleverly put the majority of their eggs into this basket with a fantastic pushchair that ticks all the boxes and with each new iteration, seemingly goes from strength to strength making it a top contender for a great quality and attractive piece of kit.

Fresh for 2021, there’s been some nice little updates that accentuate the quality and design.


The look and feel of the DEMI Grow has always been firmly in the ‘super luxe’ arena with thick woven textiles and plush padded materials for that feeling of lavishness. Yet importantly, it doesn’t just look good but the quality of the fabrics and boosted softness ensure the seat is comfy and snug for a cosy ride.

One of the big differences to the style for this latest version is the luggage grade accents on the handlebar and rotatable bumper bar. These features provide an extra finesse to the cosmetics which we adore!


The seat itself is more slim line than other travel systems, however the bucket-style scooping more than compensates making it a comfy and relaxing space for little ones to take in the world around them or gently fall asleep.

The seat unit itself is reversible for parent and world facing options, and the slightly higher structure promotes close eye contact. The handy one-handed recline provides several adjustable options to suit your requirements.

The seat on its own is not suitable for newborns, but there is an adaptor included for use with the infant car seat or a separate carrycot can be purchased for an additional lie-flat option.

Second Child

One of the big selling points of the DEMI Grow is the option to effectively use the pushchair for an extended period of time when any siblings come along.  The second seat (purchased separately) can easily be added to the chassis. The formation of cinematic tiered seating enables several configurations each providing a fair view for both children.

The design of the pushchair also means that as a rear loading structure, it provides a good level of stability and control for carrying two children.


There’s lots of nifty features that make it a solid design providing the confidence to carry your children up to older age.  Featuring good horizontal strength, the pushchair has solid crossbars and a strong holding lock.  Additional considerations, such as the telescopic handle, ensure there’s easy activation making it simple to use. 

We don’t usually drill down into the technical, but we were drawn to the option with this pushchair to adjust the tension in the suspension.  While we didn’t feel it necessary, it’s easy to do and can really impact the suspension providing an improved experience.

Foam-filled tyres always get a big thumbs up as there’s never a good time to get a flat; and the mud guards on the wheel rims are an excellent thought to protect kids fingers while in the tandem seat.

The canopy is also quite a big deal with this pushchair.  The extendable canopy is far reaching making it excellent for sun protection with ventilation windows.  Alternatively, the additional length can also helps promote good sleep during the lighter months when you need a dark space to support them to drift off on the move. A handy peekaboo window completes the canopy featuring air mesh to promote good aeration and provide that cheeky sneak peak every now and again!


When you have a larger travel system, the fold is important.  From an ease, space and process perspective, it makes a huge difference.  We won’t lie, this takes a little practise the first few times but it collapses fairly easily and has a stand-alone fold.  Fortunately, the chair doesn’t need removing and can be folded in situ.


The DEMI Grow excels in urban and smooth conditions.  It pushes well on rougher terrains thanks to the larger back wheels that provide a good support, but if you plan to do lots of off-roading, it’s probably not the one for you!

And those little extras….

For additional practicality, we also loved the shopping basket – a larger fixed basket and a separate removable basket; the all-in-one liner is super useful in the winter months, and who doesn’t love a pocket organiser to keep the million and one baby bits of gear in an orderly fashion.

The Nuna DEMI Grow is priced £600 from