Little Kids

Top 3 Travel Games

The holidays are almost upon us, and with the next level of restrictions coming into place, it’s even more of an excuse to hit the road and do more of what you love.

Whether you’ve plans for a staycay, family trips out or just hitting the road for essential journeys, it’s always good to mix up any journeys with fun activities for the kids.

Breaking away from screen time, solving boredom or putting to bed the relentless ‘are we nearly there yet?’ questions, there’s some great travel games that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages wherever your summer may take you.

Entertained and taking the stress out of travelling, we got our hands on three fantastic games…

Dobble Minions 

Dobble, in its many guises, is a novel game that is easy for all kids to get involved with.  This fun Minions version of the game features The anarchic henchmen from the Despicable Me franchise. Between any two cards, there is always exactly one matching symbol. In a game of quick wit and speed, it definitely puts the reflexes to the test!  If Minions aren’t your thing, check out the slew of special edition versions. Priced £14.99 from The Entertainer.

Rummikub Travel  

Suitable for those aged 7+, Rummikub Travel is an adapted version of the classic game with the same name. The object of the game is to be the first player to clear your rack of all tiles and shout “Rummikub”. Lay down sets of “groups” (three or four tiles of the same number but different colour) or “runs” (three or more consecutive numbers of the same colour). Manipulate tiles already on the table to your advantage! Rearrange or add to existing sets, to use your tiles. Priced £12.99 from WH Smiths.

Gibsons Quirk!  

A recent discovery, this is a great family card game that guarantees giggles aplenty.  Simply embrace your silly side, and act your way to winning by impersonating characters – from ninjas, sloths, dragons, superheroes – to collect the most Quirks! Priced £12 from