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Kiddylicious new snack range

We’ve all been there, the little voice asking for all the goodies when you’re trying to rush round the supermarket aisles to quickly grab the essentials.  “Please can I have this mummy???” If like me you’ve given in more than once, fear not, you’re most definitely not alone.  It turns out that mums are 244-times more likely to buy the brands that their little ones choose, and with 60% of snack choices being led by children, finding guilt-free foods for them to graze on can seem a daunting task. 

The good news is that kids food brand Kiddylicious have upped their game and launched a brand new healthy snack range for youngsters aged 3+.

Portion-controlled for tiny tums and fit for little fingers, the range includes tot-friendlier alternatives to mainstream adult snacks, including Veggie Buttons, Popped Hoops and Fruity Drops. 

The range has been designed to reassure meeting a range of nutritional claims including ‘low in saturated fat’, ‘packed with veggies’ and ‘over 95% fruit’ and exacting standards for allergens, after research showed that parents felt 3-5year olds had outgrown the baby aisle but were unprepared for more grown-up alternatives. 

The even better news is that the snacks feature fantastic bright packaging that will appeal to any youngster making them attractive from the outside in.

The new range includes:

Veggie Buttons – A great crisp alternative that are air-popped, not fried, packing crunchy veggie-yumminess in every bite. 

Popped Hoops – Carefully crafted for little fingers, each portion is packed with veggies 

Fruity Drops – A sweet natural choice made from 96% fruit and high in fibre.

Twan Thorn, Kiddylicious UK’s Managing Director explains: “We’re always innovating to help parents. Parents are crying out for choices that both they and their kids can love, so our new fruit and veggie-based snacks fill a gap not just in tummies but in the marketplace too”. 

The new range is available now in the baby aisle of all major supermarkets.