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The Elf on the Shelf® returns

Christmas is coming and for parents that means one big thing – the return of the legendary Elf on the Shelf®.

Over the years, The Elf on the Shelf® has become something of a family tradition.  Throughout December, The Elf on the Shelf® brings mayhem, fun and magic to households globally with record sales last year!

By day the elf watches the children from a different spot in the home while recording behaviour to ensure children make the ‘nice’ list; and by night the elf returns to the North Pole to report back to Santa.

As parents scratch their heads at new and adventurous ways to bring daily surprise to the family, The Elf on the Shelf® range is expanding once again to provide lots of handy accessories to keep the delight flowing throughout the festive season.

The aptly named North Pole range now includes accessories, cuddly toys, board games, entertainment, and clothing! 

The brand’s first ever appearance on TV in the UK/IE ofElf Pets: Santa’s Reindeer Rescue is approaching with the animated special available on Netflix this Christmas season. 

If you’ve yet to join The Elf on the Shelf® phenomenon, it’s a beautiful way to keep the magic alive.  The Elf on the Shelf®: A Chistmas Tradition set, £21.99, includes and Adoptable Scout Elf®, an illustrated storybook, keepsake box and official adoption certificate.

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