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Introducing Flitzy!

A brand new range of fancy, glitzy and fun accessories for kids have made their debut in the form of Flitzy.  The new brand aims to bring the styles and trends on the catwalk to mini trendsetters with lots of chic accessories to spice up any outfit.

Flitzy’s range includes hair accessories and jewellery with our eyes firmly looking at the fab shimmering alice bands, pink necklaces and fun drop earrings (clip ons also available!)

Flitzy have been conscious of current culture that often revolves around an element of perfection.  Their products aim to promote individuality, uniqueness and an acceptance with six core values – Unique, Love, Share, Create, Kind, Accept.  These values have been at the 

heart of design with products created to break the mould and celebrate being unique. 

The collection is available at a wallet-friendly price meaning that kids can use their pocket money to purchase, or they make for great gifts ahead of the festive season.

To view the full range and learn more about the brand, visit