Secret Saviours

One of the biggest concerns with pregnancy is stretch marks – whether you’re trying to prevent them, soothe them or hide them.  80% of women are prone to stretch marks during pregnancy.  It occurs when hormones, heightened during pregnancy, causes collagen to break down which makes the skin more vulnerable to tears and stretches. These changes cause permanent scars, also known as stretch marks.

Different women perceive stretch marks differently and there’s no right way to acknowledge them. For some, they’re a reminder of the incredible journey that the body has been through, while for others it can have an effect on body confidence moving forward.

They often say prevention is the best cure and Secret Saviours is a health and beauty treatment that has been proven to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there’s a cult following of celebrities, influencers and a plethora of pretty decent reviews that trail shortly behind!

Secret Saviours work as a three-step treatment that targets key layers of the skin, as opposed to the surface level that many bump creams and treatments focus on.  The process includes a day gel that forms a barrier over your skin, where you then affix the Bump Band or Briefs (available in several sizes) that you wear during the day. This is then followed up with a gorgeous Massage Night Cream that smells beautiful and nourishes the skin through the layers while you sleep.

The Bump Band is made from a light, breathable fabric that is very versatile. It’s comfy and offers effective support that is noticeable with bigger and heavier bumps offering up a dual purpose.

The process is super-simple, easy and doesn’t deviate too far from the average bump care during those few months.  First time mums-to-be and parents expanding their brood can safely use Secret Saviours products.

With the proof in the pudding (or bun in this case!) the clinically proven results report that Secret Saviours prevents pregnancy stretch marks in an impressive 82% of women. 

The Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Band Kit and  Full Briefs Kit is priced £90. For more information and to purchase, visit