Angelcare AC327 Monitor

Angelcare has built a reputation on creating effective protective baby care gear.  This includes the introduction of baby monitors with an innovative motion sensor pad that not only provides parents with a visual insight, but also importantly monitors movement; a key support for preventative measures of any concerns while baby is sleeping in the early stages.

Angelcare have continued to develop their baby monitoring systems with the latest addition added to the range being the AC327 Baby Movement Monitor with Video & Sound.  

A really simple system to use, you do need to invest a little time to set it up with the separate components to understand how they work and how you want to use them to your benefit, but once you’re set it’s very much plug and go.

The colour monitor provides a large, crystal clear image in day and night mode, with voice activation, two-way talk and a temperature gauge so you can remotely monitor the room temperature.

The large screen pans effectively allowing good vision of your baby’s space and the two-way talk function is handy to comfort baby from afar without disturbing them and potentially awakening them from a stirring slumber.

A standout feature of the AC327 is the contact-free sensor pad.  Listening to customer feedback, the sensor pad in this model has increased sensitivity to detect smaller movements that reduces any false alarms.  After 15 seconds of no recorded movement, the monitor makes a mild noise to initiative movement with the baby.  If that fails, five seconds later parents are alerted on the parent device with a sharp noise notifying them to investigate.

The reliability of the pad is strong and comparable, if not slightly better, than some of the wearable motion sensor devices we’ve previously tested.

The sensor pad must be placed on a hard surface under the baby’s mattress.  There are some mattresses that aren’t compatible so it’s worth checking the Angelcare website beforehand to ensure it will work effectively in your home. Unlike some of its predecessors, there are no wires so the discreet pad can be placed neatly with the added safety comfort that comes with no obstructions.

This system is a great baby monitor that performs strongly in all areas making it a great all-round choice for parents-to-be.  A high-performing video setup with the added feature of a solid movement tracker provides a great support and confidence to parents that have concerns or just want to monitor baby’s sleep.

The Angelcare AC327 Baby Movement Monitor with Video & Sound is priced £199.99.  For more information, visit