Pro Physio Massage Gun

One of the greatest gifts to yourself can be a massage.  Easing the daily strain, aches and physical pains that life demands or supporting the body through different pressures, a good massage can provide improved heart rate and blood pressure, reduced pain and muscle increased relaxation.

However, time and money amongst other elements can negate the opportunity to indulge in a massage when you most need one, which is where the Pro Physio Massage Gun can support.

The handheld massage gun is perfect to use before a workout to warm up the muscles ready for action, after a workout to prevent stiffness and boost circulation, or enjoyed as a focused massage for comfort, flexibility or mobility.


The gun features six interchangeable heads that each target different muscles and ailments.  These are included as standard with the gun, something which other models charge extras for so a great value add option. 

Switching between them is easy and quick. The barrel head is broader allowing a wider space to be massaged at any given time; the ball head provides a medium-pressure massage that is great all over the body; the cold head can be kept in the freezer for up to four hours before use and then used to provide a freshening sensation easing tired muscles; the heat head is the opposite heating up to 47 degrees and is great to ease discomfort whether that’s tension, stress or improving blood flow; the arrow head is a targeted head that enables you to really drill into problematic areas and the smoothing head has an anti-cellulite properties to help smooth out specific areas.


The Pro Physio gun moves smoothly across the skin without dragging providing a soothing feeling.  The massager is easy to control and thanks to the variety of heads, it can easily get into those target areas. 


The Pro Physio Massage Gun is great for use on the go, whether that’s at the gym or just away from home. It is rechargeable with up to 90 battery life from a full charge, lightweight amongst its competitors, quiet to operate and has no wires meaning it’s a great portable option.  It also includes a protective case for mobile storage. 

The Homedics Pro Physio Massage Gun is priced £249.99 from

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