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Meet Tinto

Revolutionising the way women navigate motherhood, Tinto is a brand new app that supports pregnant women and mums with high quality, one-to-one, and personalised advice from both other women and experts.

Tinto began with two overtired and overwhelmed mums. Fed up with endless unsolicited, contradictory, and incorrect parenting advice, GP Dr Hannah Allen and lawyer Idia Elsmore Dodsworth started an app where mums could get personalised answers and advice. 

Tinto is on a mission to support women through modern motherhood, whatever that journey involves. When women ask a question on Tinto, the app uses artificial intelligence to match them to like-minded mums based on their parenting style and stage of motherhood. That way, rather than receiving generic information and one-size-fits-all support, mums get specific advice that truly resonates.

The innovative new app not only provides a uniquely curated community in mums’ back pockets but also offers support from health and wellbeing experts and an exclusively developed smart AI. From midwives to lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists to neuroscientists, sleep experts to nutritionists, Tinto’s handpicked experts provide actionable advice that’s scientifically validated. 

Speaking on how Tinto came to life, Co-Founder Idia Elsmore Dodsworth commented: “My lowest moment as a mum came when I should have been happiest. Typical, right? We were on our first holiday as a family in beautiful Greece. But my two young children were refusing to sleep and wouldn’t eat anything other than sand. I was at the end of my tether. I didn’t want to scroll through the internet looking for answers. I wanted to speak to a mum who had been in my shoes.”

“I didn’t want to scroll through the internet looking for answers. I wanted to speak to a mum who had been in my shoes.”

Co-Founder, Idia Elsmore Dodsworth

Co-Founder Hannah Allen added: “Working as a GP, I was shocked by how many new mums came to see me with mental or physical issues. But what I find even more concerning is the 350,000 women that miss their postnatal appointments every year in the UK. Suicide remains the leading cause of direct death among new mothers. We need a space to prevent the issues women face during motherhood, not simply react to them.”

Tinto is available for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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