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Is there any greater pleasure than tidying away the final Christmas decorations and giving the house a good clean post Christmas tree? The sense of satisfaction from watching those final pine needles disappear completes the transformation from holiday clutter to spring clean.

And to support the transformation, an essential for any family home has to be a good quality vacuum cleaner. We recently reviewed VAX’s new ONEPWR Blade 4 Dual Pet & Car cordless vacuum.

This vacuum is the latest addition to the ONEPWR cordless range. The cordless range features several vacuum cleaners that run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

The vacuum comes with two batteries so you can be using one, while having a second in the docking charge (3 hour charge time), meaning it provides the longevity to vacuum even the largest houses multiple times over!

If you’re a fan of VAX products, the batteries can also be interchanged with other ONEPWR products keeping things easy and simple.

As a new and improved version, the successor of the Blade 4, features a compact flexible hose that works with some additional add on tools to help the user get into even more nooks and crannies and effectively clean those hard to reach places.  The short hose stretches and can reach those awkward areas. The motorised head attachment is a miniature version of the main head so as a handheld tool, it has excellent control and works hard to provide strong suction to produce a good-quality clean where you may have previously relied on awkward hit or miss attachments. This mobile feature to the vacuum is particularly useful for vehicles or sofas where kids always seem to make a mess but you can never reach properly to clean.     

Data claims that this new VAX model cleans carpets better than the UK’s best selling vacuum cleaners.   Thanks to the VAX technology, the floor head works efficiently on both carpet and wood floorings with a separate setting that boost the suction working harder on dirtier surfaces.  The head also has a great feature, an antimicrobial treatment on the brush bar that helps to protect the bristles from bacteria and fungi by preventing their growth. This is a clever feature that provides a cleanliness reassurance, especially in current times, that you are providing a safe and clean space for children to play.   

The vacuum is fairly lightweight, weighing just over 3kg and is easy to manoeuvre while providing good close contact with the floor and maintaining control across a variety of surfaces.

The dirt collects in a clear container towards the top of the stick.  You can view the dirt levels whilst cleaning, so once it starts to fill simply pop the container out of its hold, release the lid and pour into the bin for a hands-free transfer keeping the process clean and easy.

While the name adheres to the furry four-legged family members in your life, the additional capabilities to effectively capture and clean surfaces of hairs, debris and mud handily transfer to the supplementary mess that’s common amongst children!

We loved that it’s a high quality performance product with a sleek design and is available at a fraction of the price of its competitors. What’s not to love?!

VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet & Car cordless vacuums are priced from £299.99 and now include a free accessory kit worth £50 from

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