Moby Easy Wrap Carrier

When it comes to baby wearing, there’s often two routes new parents choose to go down – wrap or a structured carrier.

A sling or baby wearing library is a great way to find out what you want – sample different styles, the different carry positions and importantly, gather feedback from your baby.

The sheer nature of baby wearing means that babies can be close and snuggled up to the parent.  The warmth and soothing of the heartbeat keeps them calm and it has been proven to strengthen the bond. Many babies just like to be held and close by, so baby wearing often allows the freedom for parents to multitask.

The Moby Easy Wrap Carrier is the perfect introductory wrap if you’re just starting out.  It is a stretchy wrap that basically means there’s some give in the fabric, yet it also features an element of structure to help get you started. 

With the Easy Wrap, you pop it over your head a bit like a t-shirt, then buckle up the waistband. You then align the baby in a crossed position tucking them inside the two chest pieces so they sit snug. The front piece then lifts up to add a secondary layer of material, supporting the neck and head, before you tie up at the back.

The material promotes the recommended M-shape for a hip healthy positioning, particularly important for newborns, and promotes close contact as baby is pretty much as close as they can get to you!

It’s a simple and easy way to wrap and feels like a natural way to hold your baby without trying to get too clever about wrapping.  The wrap can also be used for forward/world facing baby wearing once the child is older from six months with the waistband naturally sitting a little lower on the body to cater for the additional weight and size.

The Moby evenly distributes weight so the pull is minimal and extended periods aren’t uncomfortable making it handy for use in the home as well as out and about.

One of our favourite features about this wrap is the flexibility. While many structured carriers allow you to flex the settings, there’s more of a sliding scale; whereas the Moby is suitable for most body shapes and sizes with the freedom to wear at the optimum comfort.

Because it is so simple and easy to use, it’s a great wrap to use as a stepping stone to gain confidence with baby wearing and wrapping. For parents looking to continue on with baby wearing once comfortable with the carrier, a great next step is Moby’s Elements Baby Wrap where you can venture out and start to explore the skilful art of wrapping.

The Moby Easy Wrap is priced £62.50 from

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