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Misty the Smart Cloud

Following on from the success of ewan the dream sheep, baby brand SweetDreamers, have launched a brand new product that aims to help parents navigate the misty waters during those early parenting days.

Misty is an all-in-one smart gadget that brings together several handy baby products into one neat device.  Featuring a thermometer, light show projector, sleep trainer and baby diary, Misty cleverly links to a companion app and Amazon’s Alexa to provide a play by play support to get the most out of its many features.

The thermometer tracks the room temperature providing a visual colour-coded gauge for quick view to know if the room is too hot or cold while the soft glow of the light show provides a soothing display that slowly coaxes babies into a slumber.

Every new parent can appreciate an element of routine, whether or not you can get one is another thing! But, Misty has a couple of helpful tools to support you in getting everything in order. In the early days, the personal assistant provides a digital log of all the key moments so you can track progress and establish insight into trends.  From nap times to feeds to nappy changes, all the info is logged on the app in real time for you to go back and review.

While many of Misty’s elements benefit the early days and focus on keeping babies safe and getting into a routine, once established, Misty can form a key part of development and consistency.   For toddlers, the sleep training function also provides a visual display to promote the time difference between day and night helping them to independently understand where bed time falls within this.

The companion app is a fab feature that provides prompt notifications and enables mobile control, whether that’s changing the light from a warm glow to full on mesmerising display of colour or amending the bedtime hours when daylight saving kicks in.

Commenting on the arrival of Misty the Smart Cloud, Lynda Harding, mum of six and Founder of Sweet Dreamers said: “We are so excited to be launching Misty the Smart Cloud; it has been a long time in the making but we wanted to ensure each function was the very best it could be. Offering four products in one, Misty will save money and space in the nursery – and we’re pretty confident to guarantee a good night’s sleep, so saving parents ZZZ’s too! Not to mention, Misty is absolutely adorable and will add a touch of style to the nursery.”

Misty the Smart Cloud is priced £59.99 from SweetDreamers