Bedside cribs have taken off in recent years and it’s easy to see why.  Being close to baby during those new born days can provide many benefits to parent and baby.  From a safe and secure bonding experience to convenience for the middle of the night feeds.

The SnuzPod4 can act as a stand-alone crib, a mobile bassinet or affix to a bed as a bedside adjoining option.


One of the biggest benefits for the SnuzPod4 is the co-sleeping option. It cleverly fits a range of bed shapes and sizes, including a divan bed, with a strapping device that goes round the frame and then affixes to the bed.  With three adjustable height settings, there’s no issues with aligning it flush with most beds.


The removable bassinet is lightweight and easily clips off the base to enable parents to provide a recognisable sleep setting for baby wherever you are in the home as you start to establish a routine.


If you prefer a stand-alone crib, perhaps once a routine has been established and as a step closer to moving to their own room, you can simply zip up the sides for a crib setup.

To support any issues with reflux, the SnuzPod4 can be tilted at a slight angle where the incline positioning can help to provide baby with relief while lay down.

Being such a prominent safety concern, particularly during those first few weeks, Snuz has sought innovation and technology to provide the safest space for your little one.  The SnuzPod4 features new ComfortAir, a breathable technology that helps to regular your child’s temperature by providing small vents to promote the circulation of air throughout.  The mesh liner, dual mesh sides and ventilation in the base also support a rotation of airflow throughout.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that such a practical piece of baby kit might look a little plain, however the design team has captured something really sleek and stylish that is on trend with the most fashion-forward cribs and Moses baskets currently on the market.  Available in a dove grey or natural wood, it’s ideal for a modern home.

To keep the crib clean, the mattress and liner are machine washable and the outer fabric can also be removed and washed in the machine so any leaks or spills can be returned to new in no time.

SnuzPod4 is suitable for babies from birth up to six months of age.  Priced £199.95 from