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SettSurf sun care range

Whether you’re jetting away to warmer climes or just getting set for the summer ahead, brand new suncare range SettSurf is one to have on the radar.

Created by surfer James Marshall, the sun care collection has been designed for surfers and non-surfers, including those with sensitive skin issues with a unique chemical free design.

We are all too aware of the dangers of the sun to the skin, especially with younger skin.  There’s also the environmental impact with many of the chemicals traditionally found in sunscreen to be harmful to our oceans and aquatic life.

SettSurf’s eco-friendly collection has been designed to be good to both the skin and the environment with key ingredient zinc oxide, a mineral blocker that deflects the sun’s rays away from the skin to provide adequate protection.

The 100% mineral range doesn’t feature any nasties that are the common source of water pollution so you are safe in the knowledge that the products aren’t having a negative effect on the environment around you.  This also extends to your skin so for any sensitivities, especially amongst younger skin, it’s kinder and less irritable.

The wide collection includes a SPF50 Sunscreen, SPF30 Sunscreen, Face Stick, Chub Rub and a handy Lip Balm.

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