Lansinoh Double Electric Pump

If you choose to breastfeed, having a pump can be a fantastic aid to support you through your journey.  Whether it’s to increase supply issues, provide flexibility and control or to ease pain, pumping provides additional options for pumping mothers.

There are lots of different types of pumps on the market from manual to electric to battery to bulb-style pumps. Electric pumps come into their own in enabling the user to have quick results with lower effort.   

Lansinoh is a trusted breastfeeding brand for mums across the globe with a wide range of products and accessories aimed to support the feeding journey.  The nipple defence cream is one of the most-trusted and recommended out there. So we are excited to feed back on our thoughts with the 2 in 1 Double Electric Pump… 

Set Up

We’ll warn you, there are a lot of components to this pump and investing the time to set it up and understand how it works is key. Do not wait until you have a crying, hungry baby to start reading the instructions! Fortunately there’s lots of info and imagery to help you get it right and once mastered, the set up and construction is pretty straightforward.

The system can be powered from batteries or mains powered.

How does it work?

The pump is controlled by the base unit, which once configured, starts with a ‘let down’ phase to replicate the initial suction of your baby. This is a lot of short, suctions that simulate natural breastfeeding that you then change up to one of the regular ‘expression’ settings at the press of a button.  

The pump can be used as a single or double express.  The double expressing feature is ideal for mums that are pushed for time, or that find it easier and more productive to get more milk in tandem.   Some mothers can also feed their baby from one breast while pumping from the other.

Ease of use

Lansinoh is focused on supporting women through the breastfeeding journey through their products so comfort has been at the forefront of design with this pump too.  

There are several options to establish an express setting that’s right for you.  This includes three settings ranging from a slower rhythmic suction through to a quicker pump with the option to flex on the depth of the suction strength thanks to some simple buttons that cover eight different levels. 

The pump also features two cushions that affix the system to your chest.  The two sizes help with comfort and performance so having the option is a great feature rather than trying to squeeze into a one-size-fits-al setup.

The quantity of milk will always differ from woman to woman, but we found it to be really successful in obtaining a good quantity thanks to a good powerful suction and the adjustable features that we were able to control for best results.


A key component of a pump is the functionality to easily clean it.  As mentioned, the construction is easy and with so many parts you are confident everything can be kept clean.  Simply give them a soapy hand wash and then either go into a steriliser or dishwasher and come out like new.

Unlike several other pumps, the milk doesn’t go through the narrow tubes so this minimises the risk of any bacteria build up.


Sometimes expressing comes more into play when mothers are unable to be with their babies – whether that’s at work, on holiday or for those moments when you just need to release some milk on the go – so it’s an important feature.  The Lansinoh 2 in 1 double electric breast pump is great for travel.  It’s not overly discreet so you can’t get away with sitting in the middle of an office and expect no one to know what you’re doing, but it is lightweight, cordless (just charge up those batteries well ahead of time!) and comes with a bottle stand and carry case so is suitably unobtrusive to help continue your milk journey wherever you are.

The Lansinoh 2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump is priced £165 from