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Introducing Bo-Buddies

Tiny toes have just had a makeover thanks to Bobux’s new collection for small feet – Bo-buddies.

Created from the concept that Bobux shoes can be much more than an integral part of a foot development journey, the idea is that the cute-sy designs can also contribute to learning and fun with a friendly companion too! 

The Bobux Bo-Buddies now features innovative 3D appliqué character details and updated patterned soles brining lots more fun and creativity to the design.  In turn, this heightens intrigue, comfort and affiliation for your child as they head off to the great outdoors with their comfortable companions on their feet.

We managed to get our hands on Gruff, a navy magical monster that features big bold eyes and a jagged edge throughout.  They make a great statement piece with so much personality, yet despite all the appearance of a tough exterior, they are super soft leather and suede mix providing lots of flex within a protective structure to support developing feet.

Babies’ feet are free to breathe in the soft premium leather and will feel stable for standing in the non-slip suede sole. The soft soles are shaped like babies’ feet for an anatomically correct, comfy fit and are incredibly soft on babies’ skin. The elastic collar also ensures an easy, secure fit. 

The Bo-Buddies Collection is available in over 15 lovable designs to help you find the perfect pair to fit your child’s unique personality.

Bobx Bo-Buddies shoes are available in sizes S (3-9 months) M (9-15 months) L (15-27 months) XL (24+ months) priced £22. To view the full collection, visit