Big Kids

Hoover H-700 Express

Life with a family is messy. Simply put, there’s no other way to describe it! There’s the emotional mess and the oh-so-super-messy physical mess. The emotional mess we’ll have to leave you to, but for the physical mess, we’ve a new best friend in the form of the Hoover H-700 Express handheld vacuum cleaner.

For all the quick spills, drops and messes, this is a fantastic gadget that will have you questioning how you ever managed life without it!

The lightweight vacuum is a handheld wand that charges in a compact dock that sits neatly on any work surface meaning it’s easily accessible for capturing dirt in the moment.

Providing up to 12 minutes of run time from a three hour charge, it’s not here to replace your main vacuum, but what it does provide is a an instant option that is easy to use. The cordless handheld is always charged and ready to go – there’s no time required to locate it, set it up or cables to plug in.

The suction is impressive for such a small unit and tested with fine milk powder and lumpy cereal, it sucked them both up with ease.  One niggle is that the bin is a bit on the small side so if you’re collecting a lot of dirt, you’ll need to empty it regularly, but this is a simple process.

The unit is versatile and billed as a 3-in-1 with a crevice hose that really gets in those tricky areas; a dusting brush for you to easily neaten up and run over areas that need a quick spruce; and a special furniture nozzle brush for textiles and upholstery.

So, if you’re after something that will provide a helping hand in maintaining a clean family home – whether that’s capturing food remnants in the high chair as you make that foray into the world of weaning, cleaning up car snacks after a long road trip or capturing that trail of mud after a long family – the Hoover H-Handy 700 Express will definitely be a welcomed asset.

The H-Handy 700 Express is priced £119 from