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JOHNSON’S Baby new refillables

As we become more conscious of the products and packaging we use, JOHNSON´S® Baby are supporting in the fight to reduce plastic waste in the home with the launch of its brand new refillable range.  The range will help parents reduce their plastic waste with easy pour, refillable versions of family favorites, Bedtime Bath, Baby Shampoo and Top-to-Toe Wash with prices starting at £4.25.

Each product, available at Sainsburys now, with Tesco, Boots and other major retailers shortly following suit, comes in a 1L carton that can easily be recycled when empty, and will provide families with up to 200 uses. 

All the formulas remain the same and continue to provide the guaranteed gentleness from the products.

Hannah French, Head of Marketing for Johnsons & Johnsons comments: “We are excited to be providing families with our first paper-based, recyclable, and refillable baby product. JOHNSON´S® Baby really believe that it doesn’t have to cost the earth, and one of our steps towards this is the launch of our refillable range where we’re able to empower parents and provide them with simple options to be planet conscious whilst also making it affordable and an easy switch within their daily routines. Ultimately our goal is to develop and innovate to be more environmentally friendly, making it easier for families to make more sustainable choices with our gentle products now having 90% less plastic.”