Molekule Air Purifiers

Molekule recently launched its air purifiers in the UK. While they may not be an overly familiar name right now, they’re definitely one to watch.

As consumers globally become more aware of airborne pollutants, especially with an increased focus on health and wellbeing throughout the pandemic, Molekule are timely with the launch of their innovative air purification machines that use special technology to produce cleaner air.

Molekule’s mission is to extinguish indoor air pollution and provide crisp, clean indoor air whether that’s at home or in the office.  While this sounds like more of a commercial offering, the introduction of Molekule’s two new air purifiers, the Air Mini+ and Air Pro now make this a very real option wherever you are.

The Air Mini+ is a stylish portable system that is ‘plug in and play’.  Suitable for use within the home, the smart cylinder cleverly detects the particles in the air and adjusts the fan accordingly to maintain a healthy air quality within that space.  Molekule was founded in 2014, and after 25 years of research and development resulted in its innovative PECO technology, which sits at the core of each and every Molekule purifier. Using PECO, Molekule’s air purifiers not only collect, but also destroy the widest range of tiny pollutants when compared to traditional air purifier technology; breaking down pollutants at molecular levels such as allergens, mould, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

You may think that such a device is noisy, and a little taxing on energy and costs, but it’s quite the contrary – it’s reasonably quiet, especially in lower speeds, and is energy efficient with recommendations on best use based on the air it pulls in.

The companion app is a welcome extra and anyone that loves a little insight will enjoy the breakdown of air quality analysis that highlights key pollutants in the air from pet hair, odors and bacteria. The app also enables remote control and a PECO filter status update to ensure it’s working at optimal settings.

Returning back to the pandemic, research has proven that Molekule destroys the COVID-19 virus by 99% in one hour in recent lab tests, proving the amazing ability to provide clean air against some of the most volatile airborne viruses.

Jonathan Harris, Molekule CEO said: “The air we breathe day in and day out is critical to our overall well-being. Our air purifiers are able to destroy pollutants at microscopic levels – chemicals and particles that we aren’t even able to see – and leave behind cleaner, safer indoor air.”

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