Nanit Pro

Nanit have recently launched a new release of their popular next-gen baby monitor in the form of the Nanit Pro.

The smart monitor encompasses all of the best features of its predecessor, Nanit Plus. Utilising innovative technology, the Nanit Pro tracks sleep and breathing motion alongside useful guidance to support parents with the added benefit of memorable moments in digital form that can be treasured forever.

Set Up

Suitable for use from birth, it’s a great option for first time parents thanks for some nifty features that help parents to remotely manage baby at sleep time.

The Pro can be used with a wall mount or a floor stand. We tested it with the floor stand, which you simply click in place and affix it to your baby’s crib or have it freestanding, which allows for all cords to be securely threaded to the nearest power point.


The live camera image quality is very sharp, perhaps one of the best we have come across at up to 1080p.  The image quality extends to the infrared LED night vision, which retains a strong level of clarity.

For sound, there’s two-way communication allowing parents to talk to baby without physical presence.  There are also some nice extras with white noise and sounds of nature to lure babies into a slumber.  The monitor also picks up temperature and humidity.

Sleep Monitor

Tracking baby’s sleep provides data that lets you delve into the quality of sleep they have.  While a crying baby is indication enough, tracking progress over time, including wake times, series of wakes and timings, is useful to note development.

Breathing Band

One of the best features of the monitor is the breathing band.  While many brands have gone for monitor pads or clip on devices that can sometimes produce false alerts, the band unusually attaches to baby’s shoulders with strong Velcro for a secure and accurate reading.  This provides real-time data, including the all-important breaths per minute, tracked by the camera and made available on the companion app.  Reduced motion for 20 seconds will sound an alarm for a parent to investigate in person or remotely via a symbol on the app dashboard.

Nanit App

The Nanit app is a great companion app. Once downloaded, the app provides all the essential information and alerts, a good feature for parents that are looking to build confidence in areas such as independent sleeping.  

A smartphone is your go-to with the system as it doubles as the parent unit so it provides the live stream and sound. Fear not though, night mode keeps your screen and battery low, and provides ongoing stream as you choose.

The Nanit Insights (free for 1 year then chargeable) provides invaluable information that saves a lot of the traditional manual tracking and instead pings you detailed information that can provide helpful support with monitor sleep patterns.  We particularly liked the time-lapse videos with heat map to highlight how your child moves during the night


If the above wasn’t enough ticking off all the safety features you need, some of the quirky features make for nice extras that make it so much more than a ‘baby monitor’. The app in essence becomes a place for you to build a memory bank of your child’s development and growth, whether that’s the photos over time or the record of your child’s size.

As Nanit becomes more popular, so does its community and access to the online community is a nice way to bring together parents at all stages of sleep and baby development for a wider network of support.

The Nanit Pro smart baby monitor starts at £299 and includes a Nanit Pro camera, wall mount with cable management system, and a small Breathing Band.  For more information, visit