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Organix launch baby meals

In celebration of their 30th anniversary this year, Organix is excited to announce the launch of its brand new range of Baby Meals, championing real organic food and introducing even more variety of tastes, textures and flavours for every development stage from 6 months – 12months+. 

With each meal containing over 55% veg and pulses and bursting with flavour, Organix is helping to create a generation of truly adventurous, happy and healthy eaters who will enjoy a life-long love of great food. 

And in 100% recyclable clear pots that are both microwavable and re-usable, they
are kind to the environment as well as little ones’ tummies! Unlike traditional pouches, the pots allow for a wide variety of textures and chunks that are key to the dietary development stages for weaning. 

Little ones will love progressing through these mealtime milestones, from single- flavour purées to more complex 
meal bowls. 

The meals are in line with planetary health diet guidelines, using ingredients such as grains and prioritising plant-based proteins such as chickpeas & lentils, although some of the meals aimed at older kids do include meat options to help provide a wide range of flavours and nutrients. 

All recipes are expertly balanced to ensure little ones are eating natural ingredients, from organic farms, put together simply and tastily, to spark curiosity and a love of great food as early on as possible. The range is tailored to key weaning development milestones. 

First Tastes 

For those first forays into solids around 6 months+, the taste pots are either 100% single fruit or vegetable purées.

Explorer Foods

Aimed at those 7months+, the meals are tasty organic dishes packed with vegetables, herbs and pulses, with some meals introducing meat options to help provide a range of flavours and nutrients.

Sunshine Bowls

Aimed at active toddlers, these 12 months+ dishes of yumminess are packed with fruit, organic yoghurt and wholegrain oats & wheat making them a great snack or mobile meal.

For a full list of the flavours and ranges, visit