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Baby’s summer skin

In the midst of the summer heat it can be quite normal for youngster’s skin to be dry and irritable as it regularly changes from hot and flushed to cooler dry environments. Combined with the regular application and removal of sun cream, it can be a bit of a ‘confusing’ time for skin to keep consistency.

Therefore, a good routine is in the form of a daily cleanse and moisture that helps to retain the skin’s natural PH balance and provides essential nourishment to the whole body.

Aveeno’s Daily Care range is a great one to have in stock for use from newborns and up.  It’s renowned for being gently and kind while effectively cleansing, nourishing and protecting baby’s skin whether they have normal, dry or sensitive skin.

The Baby Daily Care products include a 2-in-1 Shampoo & Condition, Moisturising Lotion, Hair & Body Wash, Barrier Cream and Gentle Bath Wash that are all carefully formulated with no nasties.

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