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Don’t forget the socks!

You’ve got the uniform, the school shoes and stationary but don’t forget the socks! 

Investing in a good pair of shoes is costly, so the last thing you want to do is pop on a pair of bad socks. SOCKSHOP’s Kids Bamboo Socks are the perfect accompaniment for all-day comfort and hygiene.

The bamboo fibre is moisture absorbing ensuring tiny toes are kept warm in the cool, and the material is known for its natural anti-bacterial properties.  However, our favourite feature is that the luxurious material is super soft to touch for maximum comfort meaning that kids will be happy on their feet, learning, playing and getting active.

The range, available now from SOCKSHOP, is available in a smart grey, black, navy and white alongside all the bright colours you will ever want! The Bamboo Socks with Comfort Cuff and Smooth Toe Seams start from £1.99/pair, visit