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Back to school with Yoto

It can be hard fitting back into routine after the summer break, going from fun-filled days, late nights and holiday antics to strict routines can be a bit of a shock to the system for everyone.

The great thing about Yoto, the audio platform for kids, is that it can help to establish routine while providing youngsters with ownership of a device to allow them to feel “grown up” and valued. 

Supporting the new routine, whether it’s morning or night, building in valuable storytime helps to structure the day.  Yoto are also introducing some new features to all their players, a brand new alarm will launch this month on the Yoto and Yoto Mini.  Children can choose from a pre-set list of six alarm sounds designed in-house taking into account scientific research, to wake up gently and independently. 

There’s even more newness from the App to help parents whizz through the must-dos before the school run. Free Timer tracks for brushing teeth for example will make morning tasks that bit more fun! 

Over your morning Weetabix or whilst travelling into school, tune in to Jake’s Yoto Daily podcast episode for fun and informative facts about the day, as well as games and chat, all for free, freshly delivered to your Yoto Player every single day. 

Come bedtime, the child-friendly moon/sun display will help children know when it’s time for bed, and the Yoto Player’s Night light functionality and the endless Story library and Sleep Radio will help children drift off to sleep, fuss-free. Ready to start all over again tomorrow! 

Yoto has been proved to help kids feel more confident by developing their vocabulary, autonomy, and independence. And with hundreds of hours of great content for children of all ages, the audiobooks are perfect for family listening and learning and development for young minds.

There is literally something for everyone when it comes to Yoto so not one to dismiss at any age of development.  Here are a few of our faves….

Yoto Originals Phonics: Letters & Sounds: Phase 1. £24.99. Yoto Daily’s very own Jake Harris gives youngsters the tools to decode written and spoken language and understand the big wide world around them. Letters & Sounds: Phase 1 is the first in Yoto’s Phonics series and features 7 interactive audio cards based on the UK National Curriculum. Through a range of fun interactive exercises, kids from age 3+ learn to associate letters and words with speech, to speak more confidently and with greater expression, hear and repeat musical patterns, and to identify sounds from their daily lives. 

Ladybird ‘I’m Ready for Big School’. £9.99. Discover the world of school and all that goes along with it in this fun collection of stories. The stories in this collection include ‘My Teacher Is an Alien’, ‘World Book Day’, ‘The Secret Door’, ‘The Escapades of the Escaping Hamster’ and ‘Sick Bay’. Aimed at children aged four and up, this is perfect for family listening and learning and as development for young minds. 

Row Your Boat and other Pre-School Songs. £7.99. Row, row, row your boat and get on the bus for this collection of timeless children’s songs perfect for little ones starting at Reception. Includes The Wheels on the Bus, London Bridge is Falling Down, Jack and Jill, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes and many more. 

For older children, the content gets even more exciting for supporting learning for going back to Big School: 

Yoto Originals, The Human Body. £24.99 for the collection, or £7.99 each. Explore the human body from the inside out! Meet the BrainBots: Nellie, Buzz and Gibbs! Their goal? To find out as much as they can about the Human Body and all the coolstuff it can do and upload their findings to the BrainBank – a big cloud where all that information is stored and shared to kids. Watch out for nostril hair, pizza and poop! 

Horrible Histories: Vile Victorians. £7.99. Explore the Vile Victorians in this horrifically hilarious series packed full of the facts they don’t teach at school! Discover all the foul facts about the Vile Victorians, including the murderers who wouldn’t hang, the flushing of the first public loo and stag hunting in Paddington Station. These bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. 

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini are available to purchase for £89.99 and £59.99 respectively. For more information please visit The free Yoto parental app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.