Encore Spinning System

The latest addition to the Joie family is the brand new i-HarbourTM lounger chair that joins the Encore spinning collection.

The Encore collection of seats is a range that partner with the i-BaseTM Encore, a secure i-Size ISOFIX base that offers the added functionality of a 360 degree spin.

The i-HarbourTM is a Group 0/1+ chair that traverses birth up to around four years of age making it a great option for longevity, and with the premium quality materials can easily be passed down from child to child.

Growing with your youngster, the car seat includes several padded inserts that can be easily removed as the need increases for more space and comfort. The sizing of the chair adapts to fit your child, with a system that works seamlessly thanks to a linked headrest and harness system that simultaneously expand as you adjust the settings.

In terms of safety aspects, Joie really do excel with the innovation in their chairs and this is no different – featured in some of their most recent launches, the Tri-ProtectTM headrest padded with Intelli-FitTM memory foam together provide optimal head and neck security that has been rigorously tested.

The colourways for the chair are a nice addition; the Oyster is a neutral cream mix that offers up a smart luxe appearance, and we also have our eye on the stunning Pine, an earthy green fusion.  While you are probably thinking that the Oyster might not be ideal for all those leaks and spills, the fabric material is removable and machine washable ensuring it comes out looking new time and time again.   

One feature we love about this car seat is the recline.  Pitched as a ‘laid back lounger’, it really is that with five recline positions that support a good tilt for maximum comfort, rest and relaxation safely while on the move.

Pairing the i-Harbour with the newly launched i-BaseTM Encore, this provides ISOFIX connectors that effectively lock to your vehicle’s anchor points allowing you to easily click the seat on and off. While the chair is not a tote-style carry car seat, the i-Base definitely means it’s a simple set up and offers parents peace of mind when it comes to knowing the seat is correctly installed.  Moving the chair from vehicle to vehicle isn’t terrible thanks to a fairly lightweight design, and if you do need to move the chair regularly, a second i-Base might be an idea to keep things easy with the click and go technology.

The chair simply clicks onto the base and locks in to place with colour indicators to confirm when you’re good to go. In addition to the safety benefits, the base also provides lots of flexibility with its pioneering 360 degree spin. This means you can pivot between rearward and forward facing (from approx. 15 months) seating effortlessly, and access points to the chair to when fitting your child are easy with a clear view and angle to ensure they are strapped in correctly.

While the i-Harbour is one of the first new seats for the i-Base, Joie have promised more down the line, meaning the investment in this base is likely to see you through all your car seat years with the Joie brand.

The Joie i-Harbour is priced £315 and i-Base is priced £190. For more information and full stockist details, visit