Boggy Creek Airboats

Florida, best known for its plethora of theme parks and thrills, is an adrenalin playground for young and old.

Ultimately, a trip to the sunshine state is likely to include several theme parks, but for those looking for something different, or an opportunity to break up the madness of rides galore, the state is a fantastic location to get close to nature.

Florida, built on original swampland, is also known as the land of alligators. Featuring over 1.3m alligators in the state, you might expect to see one just walking down the street, however it’s far more common to see them at a zoo or park away from the public.

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides is a small business that operates airboat journeys on Lake Tohopekaliga (or Lake Toho for short!) about 30 minutes out from the theme park area.  At over 22,000 acres, it’s an impressive body of water that is home to over 3,000 alligators.

Located at the end of a picturesque tree-lined country lane, where life definitely takes a slower pace, is a little haven at the edge of the lake. Featuring a small wildlife park, there’s a beautiful butterfly walk, alligator enclosure and model airboats for the kids to have a play.

However, the crème de la crème is most definitely the airboat ride itself. Available in a half hour or hour ride option, visitors file onto the boat with ear defenders to seek out some of the 3,000 gators in the water. 

The knowledgeable tour guides operate the boat twisting and turning through the passageways in the reeds in hunt of gators knowing all the best spots to find them.  The boats skim across the water with the occasional mist adding a few thrills!  There’s nothing more special than seeing animals in their natural habitat and on our one hour ride, we saw about seven gators either lapping up the warm sun or swimming about. Varying in size from baby to 10ft gator, it was a fantastic moment with all the children on the boat excited and keen to see more.

In addition to seeing one of gators, the lake is home to thousands of birds and other wildlife that the guide will highlight throughout the tour.

After you’re done on the lake, head back to base camp to grab some grub at Boggy Bottom BBQ, where you can pick up some tasty traditional American dishes at a decent price.

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