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VFC Stompers

Presenting a deliciously tasty plant based alternative, Stompers are a brand new crispy chicken alternative covered in southern-fried spices.

Vegan Fried Chick*n, more commonly known as VFC, are on a mission to provide tasty alternatives that reduce the common chicken farming practices.

We were fortunate enough to get our chops on some of these new Stompers that were taste tested by meat-eaters and vegetarians young and old. With a crisp golden crust, they have the consistency, and dare I say, probably more of the succulence of its meat counterpart.  Easily one of the most promising meat alternatives currently on the market.

While there are plenty of meat-free options, the convenience of heat and eat meals for busy parents often comes down to the same select meals. The introduction of VFC Stompers, not only presents a succulent, meaty-texture, but one that has incredibly flavours that can be easily cooked and enjoyed by everyone.

The name, Stompers, plays on the ethos of the brand with a bold and rebellious tone that has lots of fun. In putting your foot down to meat and choosing alternative options, these really make a mark for kids that are conscious of the world around them and want to make a foray into more plant-based food choices.

Packed with protein, low in saturated fat and salt, the delicious soya and wheat-based recipe is flavoured with a special spice recipe for an enjoyable tangy taste.

Alison Reilly, Head of Marketing at VFC, said, “Even the research speaks for itself… 50% of 10–11-year-olds panelled preferred the taste of Stompers over the No.1 meat nugget (Turkey Dinosaurs) and the No.1 meat-free nugget (Quorn Roarsomes). Plus, half of all kids claimed they would ask their parents to buy Stompers for them vs 39% stating they would ask for the meat-free market leader (Quorn Roarsomes).”

Stompers are the latest products to join the award-winning plant-based VFC family.  VFC was originally created by Veganuary Founder, Matthew Glover and York-based chef, Adam Lyons.  The iconic VFC recipe was inspired by a sell-out dish on the menu at Adam’s York restaurant, Source.

The Stompers range is available in Sainsbury’s now priced £3.50.  The VFC Crispy range, including Chick*n Fillets, Popcorn Chick*n and NEW Chick*n Tenders is available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Ocado.