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In celebration of World Breast Pumping Day, Medela is launching a social collaboration with Kayla Itsines to support her breastfeeding journey while highlighting the company’s latest innovation, the Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump, allowing mothers to pump anywhere, anytime, hands-free.

Medela, the brand trusted by millions of mothers, announced a social collaboration with fitness trainer and global influencer Kayla Itsines to support her breastfeeding journey with her second baby, born in January of this year. The global partnership intends to elevate the individual breastfeeding feeding journey of new parents and highlight the critical role that breast milk plays in maternal and infant health and development.

“I was first introduced to Medela in the hospital after the birth of my daughter, Arna. It felt like a lifesaver when my milk came in. I was able to express, measure everything and honestly, I felt so organised. With running a business, the Medela products allowed everyone in my family to help us and feed Arna while I worked. Now, I’m so excited to partner with them as I begin my feeding journey with my son, Jax,” says Kayla Itsines. “I honestly feel Medela is a brand that cares passionately about supporting mothers and babies and I know first-hand how important it is to have the right products available. With the launch of their new Hands-free Breast Pump, I’m excited to share how Medela helps me with my feeding goals as a busy mum of now two.”

The collaboration will focus on the importance of breastfeeding support and highlight the unique features of Medela’s Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump with the new Hands-free Collection Cups.

“We are excited to work with Kayla and support her breastfeeding journey,” says Charlotte Price, Marketing Manager,  Medela UK . “As a mother of two leading an active lifestyle, she is a perfect fit to use our new Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump, our first wearable breast pump. The lightweight, anatomically shaped and transparent Hands-free Collection Cups not only help moms multitask, but when combined with Medela’s patented 2-Phase Expression® technology and our research-based 105-degree breast shields, provide a superior hands-free pumping experience. We’re thrilled for Kayla to share her journey and elevate the importance of breast milk feeding with her followers around the world.”

The collaboration will take place on Kayla and Medela’s Instagram channels through to April 15th. Medela Family app users will receive an exclusive discount to access a three-month free trial, then 30% off the ongoing monthly membership fee to Sweat, including articles and all programs, until suspension or cancellation.

The all new Freestyle Hands-free Breast Pump is available at Medela UK