DH Lifelabs Sciaire Mini + HEPA

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, then one of the big takeaways has been about transmission of particles in the air. It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone on the planet is more aware of the air they breathe, and the impact of airborne pollutants, whether that’s disease, dust, pollen or otherwise, people are more conscious about their health and wellbeing and are making conscientious efforts to protect these.

We were recently introduced to DH Lifelabs, a brand that has a range of innovative products that improve family health in the home.

The Sciare Mini + HEPA is one of their leading air purifiers that works smarter to filter the air around you. Particularly good for homes with pets or those with low immune systems and allergies, the purifier has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, including the common cause of coronavirus.

While air purifiers aren’t necessarily a new thing, the way in which the Sciare Mini + HEPA system works is advanced – while many purifiers typically filter some of the larger particles they encounter, this system breaks down impurities eliminating them from the air space. The additional specialised H13 filter works hard to capture the tiniest particles in the air to sterilise up to 0.1 microns – incredibly small. This is in turn provides a good air quality reading.

In addition to cleaning the air in rooms up to 20m2, it freshens the air by targeting odours and VOCs circulating, including hazardous substances such as ammonia and formaldehyde leaving homes smelling fresh and clean.

To operate, it’s very much a plug and play. Remove the packaging and the filter is all set and you can launch it right away on auto to start reaping the benefits. In full operating mode it makes a low hum-sound, quiet enough to not disturb.

It also provides handy updates that provide real time air quality readings. The visible lights indicate the air quality conditions that improve with increased use.

At just under 1 metre tall, it’s not the most discreet but with a sleek and stylish design, it looks perfectly at home in any modern household and stands proudly. Available in a white or black combo colourway, it’s an impressive piece of kit that is proven to vastly improve air quality in the home or larger spaces.

Priced £199.99 from DH Lifelabs