Lovevery Play Kits

Lots of us definitely got on board with letterbox subscription kits during the pandemic, and now we are delighted to have discovered Lovevery that takes it to the next level.

A US brand that is slowly taking over Europe, it continues to garner amazing reviews online from families as a new subscription concept that focuses on play-based learning sets.

With over 18 play kits, they’re broken down into age demographics with each set filled with everything you need to get the most out of play time with the added benefits of developmental stimulation and education appropriate to their age.

We’ve previously had our hands on the Lovevery Playgym which is the hero baby product, but what comes next is a series of play kits for children aged up to four years that are each filled with toys, games and activities for hours of entertainment and learning.

We recently received ‘The Helper’ set that is filled with so many premium activities.  A real treat for the senses, you will discover beautifully crafted solid wooden toys; bright board books filled with real people; play cards and a variety of craft materials.  What’s more, Lovevery appreciate that play doesn’t always come natural to all adults, after all it’s many years since we really got stuck into play, so the helpful Play Guide supports adults on how to get the most out of the set, the benefits they provide and how this supports your child’s growth abn development at that stage.

The Play Kits for babies (0–12 months) include toys and tools for building new neural connections and practicing fine and gross motor skills. The Play Kits for toddlers (months 13- 24) support a child’s natural curiosity by building new skills and encouraging exploration. The Play Kits for two-year-olds (25–36 months) encourage a child’s budding independence and teach early science and math lessons

Designed by child development experts, it’s so much more than an assembly of toys, it’s a curated collection of items that work together to enhance your child’s development.  The Play Kits have been created from years of play studies, prototype testing and consulting with leading child development experts to make the most of playtime so this isn’t encouraging play but creating a refreshed version of it.

The Play Kits program subscriptions start at £80, with flexible payment options. Each subscription is tailored to your child’s birth date/adjusted birth date with the frequency and size of boxes reflecting on their development.

For more information, visit Lovevery