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tonies® Sleepy Friends

Tonies® has just launched their new range, Sleepy Friends, which includes three adorable characters – Sleepy Bear, Sleepy Rabbit, and Sleepy Sheep.

These Tonies are designed to help families establish a beloved bedtime routine, and offer a holistic solution to make bedtime easier for parents and children alike.

The new Sleepy Friends collection is the first-ever licensed Tonies range, and it marks an exciting new chapter for the brand.

Retailing at £14.99 each, these Tonies are perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment for children to fall asleep to. In fact, a recent Survey Monkey study* showed that 87% of tonies® customers said the Toniebox helped make bedtime routines easier, which is what inspired the development of the tonies® Sleepy Friends range.

Sleepy Bear, Sleepy Rabbit, and Sleepy Sheep each have their unique way of helping children fall asleep. Sleepy Bear’s feel-good story is narrated with a gentle and warm tone to create a relaxing atmosphere, while Sleepy Rabbit plays warm, classical music that has been proven to calm both children and parents. Sleepy Sheep’s nature melodies are perfect for creating a peaceful environment for little ones to drift off to sleep.

Liz Peters, Head of Portfolio UK & Ireland said:“A good night’s sleep is important for the whole family’s wellbeing, and we are incredibly honoured to be able to help parents establish peaceful and beloved bedtime routines with the new Sleepy Friends range. Bedtime is a magical moment in the parent-child relationship, where bonds are strengthened and special lifetime memories are created – we are truly privileged to be a part of this magic!”

The Sleepy Friends collection is available from and select retailers.