Little Kids

Dare to Roam

Is that spring we can see?  It’s Easter and the sun and warmer weather has decided to make its 2023 debut! Which means we can start to pack away some of the heavy winter clothes and look forward to longer and brighter days with a wardrobe to match.

One essential wardrobe stable is good quality footwear. For hard wearing, stylish and shoes that support healthy development, it has to be Bobux. And on cue, they have recently revealed their SS23 collection that includes the brand new collection ‘Dare to Roam’.

While here at IF we are big fans of Bobux, for anyone unfamiliar with the brand, they’re a New Zealand brand that is heavily focused on foot health and advocates for natural foot movement in children during their developmental years. The design of their shoes allows ample space for toes to move and stretch, while also providing protection and a healthy environment for young skin. Shoes are stylishly designed specifically for the stage of development a child is in, recognising that between 0-6 years is when children’s feet go through their biggest developmental changes. To ensure comfort, Bobux has identified six key elements: flexibility, adjustability, breathability, weight, durability, and fit.

‘Dare to Roam’ features five unique stories that pair with a destination to explore and each comes with a pair of podiatrist-approved shoes. The collection encourages children to embrace adventure, explore the world, and connect with nature.

The brand understands that parents value outdoor play for their children, and this collection aims to support that. It also features fresh colours and details inspired by nature to enhance the overall experience.

Each of the five stories – Sunday Morning, Hinterland, Forever Fields, Kinetic Grove, and Secret Meadow – has a different theme and style. Sunday Morning shoes are comfortable and come in calming earthy hues; Hinterland shoes have a rustic style and new textural features to encourage children to climb trees and run through long grass; Forever Fields shoes have a 70’s vibe with unique detailing, gentle golds, and vibrant lilacs; Kinetic Grove shoes are designed to empower active, progressing movement in children and Secret Meadow shoes are inspired by nature, with gentle pastel hues and enduring styles.

We recently got our hands on a pair of Cove sandals, and they are impressive! These sandals are perfect for active kids who love to play in the warm weather without worrying about damaging their footwear. The fast-drying leather material, as we know from previous reviews, is a game-changer, as children can cool off without the sandals getting ruined.

The strappy design  of the Cove sandals not only looks great but also allows for the quick-drying effect to work its magic. Unlike many other strappy sandals, the lined heel and open toe keeps children’s feet comfortable, even for extended periods of time, and secure in these breathable sandals. The new range of colourways, from a lavender Lilac through to vibrant Guava provide some really strong options to work with the summer wardrobe.

Whilst we loved the Cove sandals for every day wear, if you’re really looking to level up then it has to be the Mirror sandals.  They are unique in design and absolutely stunning! As with all Bobx sandals, they are crafted from premium leather, giving them a luxurious look and feel.

What we loved most about these sandals is the wide band and fully openable fastenings. This design makes it incredibly easy to get the sandals on and off, which is a huge plus when dealing with kids who are always on the go. The open toe and sides also allow for much-needed breathability during warmer weather.

The soft Lilac colourway is so pretty and adds a lovely feminine touch, while the rainbow strap detailing is just too cute!

So, if you’re after beautifully crafted, practical, and stylish footwear for active kids this summer, check out Bobux’s full range.  The new SS23 collection is available now from Bobux