Introducing TripMonsters

There’s a cool new app called TripMonsters that makes exploring cities with kids super fun and exciting! It’s the first of its kind and perfect for families with kids aged 8+.

For just £6.99, you can choose from two London routes – Westminster Wonders and Knight Time – or explore Melbourne and Madrid with lots more exciting new destinations launching soon.

The app takes you on a journey through famous and lesser-known locations, and cleverly designed challenges keep things interesting for both kids and adults.

The best part is that it’s a child-led experience, so your little ones get to choose which character takes them on their adventure. There are loads of different types of challenges, from quizzes to puzzles, and if things get tricky, you can trade in stars for extra clues.

As you complete challenges, you’ll uncover all sorts of fascinating historical and modern-day facts. And if you want to continue your research at home, you can save interesting facts in the app.

TripMonsters is the brainchild of fathers David Kausman and Andres Burdett. David says of his eureka moment: “We’d take the kids to amazing places and just couldn’t get them interested. And yet they’d sit on screens and we couldn’t get them off. So, I thought, what if you could take the discovery, challenge, fun and reward of the games they love, but apply it to the real world? Use the screen to get them off the screen. TripMonsters!”

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