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Happy Puzzling

Looking for a fantastic Father’s Day gift that your puzzle-loving dad will love? Look no further than The Happy Puzzle Company’s extensive collection of games that are both fun and educational. With challenges that are suitable for the whole family, these games will put your spatial awareness, math skills, and code-breaking abilities to the test.

One of the most brilliant games ever invented is The Genius Square, which boasts over 62,000 possible combinations. The goal is to complete the square using nine coloured shapes while the seven blockers are in place. Whether you want to compete against an opponent or challenge yourself, this game will present you with seemingly impossible puzzles that always have a solution, which is why it’s called The Genius Square.

For those who want an even greater challenge than the renowned Genius Square, The Genius Star will require quick thinking and nerves of steel. With 165,888 potential puzzles, the objective is to fill in the star shape using 11 coloured pieces after positioning seven blockers. Roll seven dice and place a blocker in the triangle that corresponds to the numbers displayed on the dice, then race against your opponent to fill the remaining spaces on the grid using the 11 shapes. The game also features a new element, the “Golden Star,” where you can earn a double win by solving the puzzle using the “Golden Star.”

The Genius Gems is a new and innovative take on the highly successful game, The Genius Square. This game is even more challenging, with each player receiving their own Genius Gems grid and a set of 10 double-sided clusters of gems. Start by rolling five white dice inside the shaped shaker (which is easy!), and they will land in the five coloured wells. Then, race against your opponent to fill every space on the grid using the 10 clusters, ensuring that the patterns displayed on the dice appear simultaneously on the grid and in the correct colours. You can choose to use the basic white dice or up the ante by playing with the more challenging dastardly or devilish dice! While it may seem impossible at times, there is always at least one solution, which is what makes it a “genius” game!

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