Little Kids


Israeli start-up, Watchinu, has recently launched a new connected smartwatch called NickWatch for kids aged six to nine. This watch is developed under a license agreement with the famous kids’ brand, Nickelodeon, and features a wealth of entertainment based on Nickelodeon’s iconic TV shows and characters.

Featuring a variety of games, dances, crafts, music, safe connectivity, communication and customisation, it is set to become the must-have accessory for kids.

The watch features characters from a range of beloved Nickelodeon series including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants, among others. With a colorful and vibrant design, it is lightweight and comfortable for children to wear, with the straps made of soft and durable material.

The 1.4-inch touchscreen display has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which is clear and bright enough for kids to navigate round.

The NickWatch is packed with features that are designed to keep kids entertained and engaged. It has a built-in camera that allows kids to take photos and videos, which can be stored on the watch or transferred to a computer. The watch also has several games that can be played on the touchscreen, including a racing game and a matching game. Kids can also use the watch to set alarms and timers, and it has a step counter to encourage them to be active.

Importantly, parents can monitor their child’s use of the watch and keep track of their location via the ‘NickWatch Caretaker App’.

The Caretaker App is available for download on all app stores and gives parents peace of mind and reassurance when away from their children. The app enables two-way messaging and calls and allows parents to manage the user account on the watch. Parents can also mute the device during school hours and choose who can connect and communicate with their child via messaging and voice notes.

NickWatch has a 400mAh battery, which provides up to three days of use on a single charge. This is a decent battery life for a kids’ smartwatch, and it means that parents don’t need to worry about

NickWatch is a well-designed and feature-packed smartwatch for kids. Its parental controls and durable build make it a great choice for parents who want to keep their children safe while still allowing them to have fun with technology.

NickWatch comes with two straps (one simple strap and one Snazzy strap featuring famous Nickelodeon characters) and the Connect-O-Cable (USB charger) in the box. With even more features launching in the coming weeks, soon you will be able to choose whether to purchase your NickWatch with or without the charging station – which can double as a night light. Additional accessories will also be available, including headphones, bag clips / holder, power station skins and a neck hanger.   

From May, new games will be released every couple of months, along with new stickers and watch face designs, new sound effects, musical instruments and voice filters.

NickWatch is priced £80.  For more information and to buy, visit