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Air Purifier Canopy

In cities worldwide, air pollution is an unfortunate reality for many families, posing a significant health risk, especially to babies and young children whose developing lungs are most vulnerable.

Recognising this concern, Thule has partnered with Swedish technology start-up bubl.AB to create the Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy, an ingenious accessory for the Thule Shine city stroller that ensures your little one breathes purified air wherever your adventures take you.

Developed using cutting-edge air purification technology, anchored in scientific research and proven methodologies, the Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy guarantees a continuous supply of clean air for your baby. Equipped with EPA Filters and a whisper-quiet fan, the canopy gently circulates filtered air without disturbing your baby’s sleep, creating a soothing breeze of freshness.

Despite its gentle airflow, the Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy releases over 150 litres of purified air around your baby every minute, safeguarding their well-being. The accompanying app provides real-time air quality comparisons inside the canopy and outdoors, notifying you when it’s time to replace the filter, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

The Thule Shine city stroller itself is the epitome of comfort and convenience, designed to cater to your child’s needs from newborn to toddler. Its lightweight and compact construction make manoeuvring through urban landscapes a breeze, without compromising on premium features. With a padded and reversible reclining seat, a large ventilated and extendable canopy, and an adjustable leg rest, the Thule Shine ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.

Furthermore, the Thule Shine is compatible with a range of from-birth accessories, allowing you to embark on your strolling adventures with your child right from day one. Notably, the innovative Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy seamlessly adapts to both the bassinet and toddler seat, guaranteeing purified air during the critical stages of lung development.

The Thule Shine Air Purifier Canopy will be launched in the summer of 2023 at the retail price of £429.99. The Thule Shine city stroller is available at the retail price of £649.99. For more information, visit