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So Chill Mini Fridge

Brand new and sure to be a hit this summer, the So Chill Mini Fridge by Canal Toys is a great practical gadget for kids.

Keeping things super cool and stylish, it’s a fun addition to any bedroom for a tween/teen looking to upgrade their décor and gain that little bit extra independence.

One thing we are loving from this fridge is its effortlessly cool design.  Taking a spin on the retro SMEG-style fridges, it’s available in a vibrant teal or sleek black with a small handle accent detail.

Compact and easy to fit into any room, or take on the go, it’s ideal for storing a midnight beverage or storing your favourite beauty products. The attention to detail is impressive. The vision window allows you to keep an eye on your fridge’s contents, ensuring things are kept well stocked. The removable shelf is a thoughtful addition, providing flexibility in storing larger items, and let’s not forget the door pocket, perfect for keeping sheet face masks or other small essentials within easy reach.

To personalise the fridge, each one contains a set of cool and funky stickers, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customise your fridge making it truly a one of a kind reflecting your unique style and personality.

The USB compatibility makes it very versatile, allowing you to charge it via a phone charger plug, a PC/laptop, or even a car battery.

Speaking about the launch of So Chill Mini Fridge, Anthony Farrimond, Digital Marketing Executive at Canal Toys UK said: “I just love the So Chill Mini Fridge. It’s such a fun gadget for teens to have in their rooms, whether revising or hanging with friends, chilled drinks and chocolate are a must! Even better they can take it with them when they head out for a study session (or much deserved break!).”

The So Chill Mini Fridge is available now priced £44.99 from Amazon.

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