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Introducing WASuP

As we head into the summer hols, discover WASuP, a brand new one-of-a-kind, pocket-sized natural solution for soothing stings and bites.

This innovative little device handily fits snugly into any changing bag, handbag, backpack, or even your pocket, making it the ultimate on-the-go companion for the whole family, no matter where you are!

Utilising the essence of nature, every WASuP capsule holds a biodegradable bamboo wipe, carefully imbued with the goodness of 100% organic apple cider vinegar – a revered remedy known for its calming effects on a multitude of stings and bites.

Definitely one for the holiday pack list, WASuP is the perfect aid for wasp stings, horsefly bites, mosquito and midge bites, in addition to other insect bites, nettle stings, and even the dreaded jellyfish stings!

WASuP is suitable for all ages, and comes in a portable 4.5ml pod, making it perfect for all your adventures ahead this summer.

Say goodbye to those pesky bites and stings with the super-easy WASuP! Just give the lid a firm press, and like magic, the soothing wipe soaked in organic apple cider vinegar appears within seconds. No fuss, no spills – simply apply it directly to the affected area for instant relief. It’s that simple!

The brainchild behind this brilliant invention is Emma Quigley, who was inspired by her own experience as a mother. When a wasp stung her 2-year-old, she struggled to find a suitable remedy for his pain. Remembering an old wives’ tale about vinegar’s soothing effect on wasp stings, she decided to give it a try – and the results amazed her. She continued: “I felt sure there was a way to make this wonderfully natural remedy available to all and after many years of thinking about it, WASuP was created. I am thrilled with the results, a portable device containing a bamboo wipe soaked in the magic organic cider vinegar, ready to help anyone – wherever/whenever a bite or sting attack occurs – in seconds!”

Each pack of WASuP Bite and Sting Relief contains four individual pods, each equipped with a biodegradable wipe and recyclable container. So, not only does it take care of your family’s well-being, but it also looks after the environment.

Priced £8.99  from Mini First Aid Shop