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Yoto and SEA LIFE join forces

Following World Nature Conservation Day, Yoto, the innovative audio platform for kids, has teamed up with Merlin Entertainments to announce an inspiring partnership. Together, they have launched a brand new charitable card in the BrainBots series – BrainBots: Sea Defenders, in collaboration with SEA LIFE TRUST.

With this exciting venture, children can now bring the wonders and educational experiences of SEA LIFE aquariums and SEA LIFE TRUST’s Sanctuaries right into their homes through the power of audio adventure.

BrainBots: Sea Defenders is an enchanting and informative audio adventure specially designed for kids, aiming to instil in them a deep sense of caring for our precious oceans. Guided by this captivating audio experience, children will embark on an educational journey to learn about the importance of ocean conservation and how they can play an active role in protecting marine life.

This unique and engaging project was made possible through the close collaboration between the creative minds at SEA LIFE aquariums, the largest global aquarium chain, and the dedicated team at SEA LIFE TRUST charity. Working hand-in-hand with Yoto Originals, the teams crafted an audio adventure that seamlessly blends education and entertainment.

Priced £7.99, BrainBots: Sea Defenders not only delivers enriching content but also serves a noble cause. A remarkable 20% of the profits generated from the sale of this audio adventure will be directed to the SEA LIFE TRUST charity. This generous contribution will help the charity’s global efforts in safeguarding the world’s oceans and the diverse marine life that calls them home.

For more information, visit, or visit one of the SEA LIFE aquariums and sanctuaries across the UK.