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A-Z of Great Food

New research from Organix, the UK’s top children’s organic food brand, has highlighted the current challenges parents face in getting kids to eat a variety of healthy foods.

According to a YouGov survey of over 1,000 UK parents, almost half (49%) feel their children don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, with 48% saying their kids consume only six or fewer types per week, and 28% preferring crisps and sweets.

Surprisingly, one in four UK kids (24%) eats only three portions of fruits and veggies a day. To tackle this, Organix has introduced the Organix A – Z of Great Food, a fun and informative initiative offering tips, advice, and new food ideas.

This resource, created by Organix nutritionists, includes an easy-to-follow wall chart available for download on the Organix website, aiming to help parents explore 26 nutritious foods, making mealtimes exciting and healthy.

Michelle Klerks, Organix Nutritionist said: “Being a parent or carer isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone at mealtimes. At Organix, we recognise how hard it can be especially when they’re refusing to eat new foods or pushing away meals that you’ve spent time preparing. We want to help, and that’s the purpose behind the new Organix A-Z of Great Food – we recognise that the earlier we can get little ones eating a wider variety of healthy foods with different flavours and textures, the more it sets them up for a lifelong love of good food.”

For your own chart, visit the ‘A-Z hub’ on Organix’s website.