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Disney Dixit

In a captivating fusion of imagination and storytelling, Asmodee is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Dixit family, the enchanting Disney Edition of Dixit. This game promises to whisk players away on a whimsical adventure through the beloved worlds of Disney and Pixar, all within the framework of the cherished Dixit gameplay.

Embracing the magic of Disney and Pixar, the Disney Edition of Dixit showcases 84 brand-new, beautifully illustrated cards, each filled with iconic characters and unforgettable moments from a treasure trove of Disney and Pixar films. This standalone game seamlessly integrates with the Dixit universe, offering players a fresh canvas to paint their own tales of magic and wonder.

In this game, players will embark on a journey through a deck of cards, each adorned with captivating Disney-themed images. The challenge lies in connecting these images with enigmatic statements tied to one of the revealed cards. Creativity is the key as players craft clues and attempt to match the cards, vying to guess the correct image and earn precious points.

The creation of the 84 unique cards in the Disney Edition of Dixit was a meticulous process that spanned two years. Illustrator Natalie Dombois lent her talents to bring Disney’s iconic themes to life, crafting images that honor key characters and symbols within the context of the Dixit universe’s layered storytelling concepts. Each card pays homage to one of the 84 Disney and Pixar films, from the enchanting rose in “Beauty and the Beast” to the soaring flight of Dumbo and the ever-extending nose of Pinocchio.

For families and friends seeking an engaging and delightful way to connect, the Disney Edition of Dixit is now available priced £32.99. For more information, including a captivating video trailer, visit Asmodee’s YouTube Channel here or their website at

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