Little Kids

Ziza Highchair

Choosing the right highchair for your child is no small task. It needs to be safe, practical, and ideally, it should seamlessly blend into your home’s decor. Recently, we had the pleasure of reviewing the Ziza Highchair from Cheeky Rascals.


The design of the Ziza Highchair is both modern and influenced by Danish aesthetics.  Designed by the Danish creator, Susanne Grønlund, the Ziza Highchair is suitable for little ones from four months up to five years. Its simplistic yet stylish design effortlessly marries form with function, eliminating the need to sacrifice personal style.

Crafted from a blend of wood and plastic, the chair boasts clean, curved lines in its design. The flared leg style imparts a hint of sophistication, though it’s worth bearing in mind that it occupies a little more floor space compared to foldable models.


Safety and practicality are paramount when it comes to highchairs, and the Ziza Highchair excels in both areas. It features an adjustable footrest and a secure five-point harness to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. The addition of non-slip rubber on the beechwood legs is a practical feature that provides an additional level of stability.

Tray Table

The highchair’s shock-resistant and durable construction includes a removable tray, allowing you to bring your baby closer to the table during meals, creating a sense of inclusion from an early age.  The table has been carefully crafted with Montessori principles, featuring an accessible height that supports independence and encourages creative play for youngsters.

You’ll be pleased to know that cleaning is a hassle-free process too – a quick wipe-down suffices, or for a more thorough cleanse, the tray is dishwasher-safe.


Unlike many baby products with limited lifespans, the Ziza Highchair is designed to evolve with your child. The forward-thinking design ensures effortless adjustments to seamlessly transform into a junior chair, play chair, and booster seat, with the purchase of a separate Short Leg Accessory Kit (priced £19.99) This not only adds convenience, but also reinforces the chair’s commitment to sustainability. This adaptability ensures that the highchair remains a valuable piece of furniture as your child grows and even offers better value for money.


With such a strong emphasis on sustainability, the chair’s components are sourced entirely from 100% recycled materials, and its legs are crafted from FSC-certified beechwood. In addition, the tray itself is constructed from ABS, solidifying its status as an ethically responsible highchair.

The Ziza Highchair from Cheeky Rascals is a great highchair that offers safety, practicality, design, and environmental responsibility. Its versatility and eco-friendly attributes make it a great choice for parents seeking a highchair that not only serves its primary purpose but also adapts to their child’s changing needs while remaining a stylish addition in the home.

The Ziza Highchair and Tray is available in five neutral tones, including blush pink, coconut white, misty grey, ocean blue, and pebble grey. Priced £149 from Cheeky Rascals