HALO BassiNest

In recent years, the choices for baby sleep solutions have evolved considerably from the traditional Moses basket. Enter the HALO BassiNest Flex, a versatile and cosy side-sleeping solution that offers both portability and sturdiness.


Setting up the HALO Bassinest Flex was so straightforward. The clear and concise instructions made assembly a breeze, and within a short time, we had it up and ready. Even for those less inclined to DIY, this bassinet is user-friendly.

While there are many freestanding basinets on the market, the HALO offers a unique 360-degree swivel capability. This design allows you to position your baby’s sleep space right next to your bed and then effortlessly slide it away when you need to get in and out of bed. This feature helps make night time feeds and comforting during those late-night awakenings incredibly convenient. No more stumbling around in the dark or leaving the warmth of the covers – it’s a true game-changer for sleep-deprived parents.

Safety is paramount for any parent, especially when it comes to sleep, and the HALO Bassinest Flex doesn’t compromise. Its breathable mesh walls promote excellent airflow, creating a secure and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

One of the best features we found on this crib was that the bedside wall can also be lowered, a big convenience for breastfeeding moms or those in post C-section recovery. Keeping baby nice and close but without the need to co-sleep; to reach baby, the lock simply slides open and parent gently presses down on the front wall. The mesh wall then relocks when restored to its upright position, a great safety feature.

Whether you have a high or low bed, the HALO BassiNest Flex adapts to the perfect height. This means you can maintain eye-level contact with your baby, ensuring easy and comfortable check-ins without disturbing your own sleep.


Compact and robust, this bassinet is also perfect for when you’re on the move, whether it’s for a family holiday or a visit to relatives. Its lightweight design makes it effortless to transport to different rooms in your home, ensuring that your baby can enjoy daytime naps wherever you are.  It also includes a bag for easy travels.

For added peace of mind, HALO’s BassiNest Flex has been endorsed by The Lullaby Trust, a charity dedicated to offering emotional support to grieving families, advocating for expert advice on safer baby sleep, and increasing awareness about sudden infant death.

If you’re looking to complete your setup, HALO offers an impressive range of bedding tailored to fit the BassiNest, along with an excellent selection of SleepSack Swaddles and Sleeping bags. When combined with the crib, they create a harmonious blend of comfort, safety, and snugness.

The Halo BassiNest Flex is priced £135 from