bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it often comes with its fair share of discomforts, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. That’s where the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow comes in, offering expectant mothers a much-needed dose of comfort and support during this special time.

Created by a trio of Norwegian female chiropractors, each specialising in prenatal and postnatal care, the pillow is a 150cm-long, chunky pillow meticulously crafted to evolve with the ever-changing pregnant body.

However, the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is not your average pregnancy pillow, there’s something quite special about it. Designed with precision and care, this pillow is tailored to meet the needs of pregnant women, providing a multi-functional tool that can be used in various ways.

Whether you need support for your growing belly, relief for aching hips, or a cosy nest to cradle you during sleep, this pillow has got you covered. It’s designed to adapt to your changing needs, making it an essential part of your pregnancy journey.

Comfort is at the core of the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow’s design. It boasts a soft and breathable fabric that feels gentle and quite luxurious against the skin. The unique shape and flexibility also allows you to customise your sleeping position.

Whether you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or somewhere in between, this pillow can be shaped to accommodate your chosen position, providing the support you need for a comfortable night’s rest.  It typically holds the shape well throughout the night meaning good sleep quality is upheld and uninterrupted. As pregnancy develops, sleeping positions and patterns can change so the versatility of the pillow supports the journey throughout pregnancy and beyond.

A unique feature of the pillow is the microbeads that it is filled with. This ingenious design allows for compression and sculpting around the body, granting you the flexibility to adjust the pillow’s firmness and height to cater to your specific preferences. This is particularly useful for mixing up the use of the pillow from sleeping with it, to other positions such as comfortably spending an evening watching TV on the sofa.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy and simple. The cover is machine washable, ensuring you can effortlessly maintain its freshness and hygiene.

The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow is available in ten beautiful colourways priced £153 from bbhugme